Our first initiative fights coffee grime and poverty in every scoop
the fourth wave of coffee

Ending poverty in coffee farming

Helping the coffee industry take small steps every day towards ending poverty in coffee farming communities.

We help the industry find ways to give back

Identify and develop revenue raising models
Fund and implement poverty alleviating projects
Manage, monitor and improve
Revenue raising models

We work with the coffee industry to generate and re-direct revenue back towards coffee farming communities. These models are designed to have a minimal burden on industry stakeholders.

Poverty alleviation projects

We then utilise revenue generated by the consumer end of the industry to work with coffee farming communities to identify, fund, and implement poverty alleviation projects bespoke to the needs of that community.

Manage, monitor and improve

Working collaboratively with the communities, we monitor the impact of our projects to ensure they achieve maximum efficacy with the ongoing funding.


Coffee Clean!

Super powerful espresso cleaner that's biodegradable, carbon neutral and fights poverty! Boom!
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