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No Poverty in Coffee

Most of the world's coffee farmers live in poverty. By creating a connection between coffee lovers and farmers, we reckon together we can end poverty in coffee farming communities, for good.

Over 95% of coffee farmers live in poverty

An average cup of coffee contains around 20g of coffee;
here is how much that is worth throughout the supply chain*





Our Vision


We believe coffee lovers inherently want to help make the world a better place. Fourth Wave aims to facilitate that using innovative funding models
Our mission is to end poverty in coffee farming communities through a grass-roots approach to education,
nutrition and economic sustainability
Fourth Wave is a registered Australian not-for-profit. We work with leading coffee industry businesses to fund and implement our projects

How it works


Coffee drinkers go to any Fourth Wave partner cafe and buy their coffee as usual - paying an extra 10c as a charitable contribution. For a coffee-a-day drinker, that is just $36 a year - affordable right?


$0.10 a day is enough to sponsor a child to attend school. A single cafe could sponsor 136 children, buy 13 cows, or provide 10 micro-loans every year.


We are an open book. As a registered not-for-profit, are financials are subject to audit by the ATO, ACNC, and most importantly, you! What's more, we prove every project with GPS coordinates, impact reports, photos and videos so you can follow along and celebrate our joint successes.

Buy coffee gear that creates change

Introducing Fourth Wave's coffee gear store: Quip

We carry all the same gear, at the same price, but 100% of profit helps fund our projects in alleviating poverty in coffee farming communities. Buying a new kettle, or set of scales has never felt so good.
Check it out

It takes a village

Fourth Wave is an organisation for the coffee industry, by the coffee industry. You can be a part of building the Fourth Wave of coffee by submitting new, or voting on existing ideas for us to implement. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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Do you own a cafe? Roastery? Other coffee related business. Get involved in creating the Fourth Wave of coffee. Reach out to learn more

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